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Aquaparks & thermal pools... ... Spas and wellness... (News)

Aquapark Thermal Oravice

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, Vitanová.

   The modern thermal park is built in the wonderful surrounding of Orava, close to the border with Poland. The highly mineralized thermal water, which springs in the depth of more than 1
kilometer, works curing/healing on psychic and stress and is used/utilized in balneotherapy.

Spa & Kúpele Lúčky
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, Lúčky.

Lúčky lying on the limits of regions Liptov and Orava is the one of oldest in Slovakia. It is popular for it provides complete therapy of gynecological diseases, and it is the only spa in the county specialized in women's diseases
   Locals know the mineral springs since 1761.
   The decisive healing element here is the plaster-earthy carbonic
mineral water of the spa spring with the water temperature of 32°C. It contains natural carbon dioxide.

   Bath tubs, peat wrappings, steam baths and other procedures applying the local medicinal water are used often along with massages, physical or rehabilitation exercises.


... monitoring... (News)

M.D. Yunko
General Director
PJSC Girhimprom

A.M Gaidin
Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy



   The largest watercourses, which run from the territory of Lvov Region into Sub Carpathian Province, are the rivers Vyshnia, Shklo, Zavadivka (Lyubachivka). Potential sources of contamination for the Vyshnya River can be emergency dumping of waste water from the towns of Horodok, Sudova Vyshnya, Mostys’ka and Shehynya. A border control station is found in the locality of Stazhava. The quality of water by estimate as far as content of nitric and manganese compounds is concerned refers to Class 3...


   Along the Polish – Ukrainian border there runs the Western Bug River in the basin of which are found such big towns as Lvov
, Chervonograd, Sokal as well as Dobrotvir electric power station and Chervonograd coal field mines. All this threatens with potential technogeneous contamination of the boundary river. The map fragment in Fig.4 shows the Bug river basin...


Gino Paradise - Adventure and fun (News)

   This fine park, which is located in the beautiful setting 
of the Choč Mountains overlooking both the Low and Western Tatras, boasts a wide variety of three indoor and thirteen outdoor pools, nine outdoor water slides, a number of children's slides and hot tubs. The resort also features a new pebble beach that includes a nudist area. Relaxation and entertainment for the whole family are provided all year long.

Bešeňová Travertine Formation

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, Bešeňová.

   The village of Bešeňová is one of the few precious places with occurrence of "freshwater" limestone, so-called travertine. These precious calcite forms raised thanks to mineral contents of water, its temperature and, of course, the surface and structure of the landscape. If you have some free time, come and visit this "forsaken" pit situated to the north of the village.

Liptovský Mikuláš Aqua park Tatralandia
- Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš,
- summer in any season.

   Discover a tropical paradise under the Tatra Mountains with year-round temperatures of 30°C (86°F) and the beneficial effects of thermal and salt water. Experience adventure and fun all in one place. Try out 26 slides, get refreshed in 14 pools, take flight with Super fly Tatralandia or relax in 19 saunas with various spa procedures.


There is a great mess with relation to the name Ukraine... (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Bohdan Zhukiewicz
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz

A topic for discussion…

   There is a question that ought to be asked, namely what former Rus, especially Kievan Rus', has in common with present Ukraine. Is this the same nation? Descendants of the same people?.
    The experts claim that Kievan Rus' is related to Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine in the same way as Franks are related to France and Germany.
   The word Ukraine has a very old origin; each duchy of southern Rus had its Ukraine that is a territory situated at the border land.
   The first mention about Ukraine appeared in the years 1111-1200 in “Chronicle of Kiev,” in which the anonymous chronicler describing a death of Wlodzimierz, duke of Pereyaslav and the hero of fights against Polovtsy, noted: “And all Pereyaslavians cried after him, Ukraine mourned him greately”.


UNESCO from UA - wooden tserkvas of the Galicia and Lodomeria region... (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Lvov region (Oblast)...

* Zhovkva - 1720
   We cross to the other side of the  border; the next eight tservas are located in Ukraine.

   Wooden Holy Trinity Church was built in suburb of Zhovkva, on the place of a church that burned down in 1717. The structure consists of three wooden naves and a brick sacristy.
   There is an iconostasis consisting of about 50 icons painted by the masters of Zhovkva Painting and Carving School of Ivan Rutkovych in the beginning of 18th century. The iconostasis is made from linden wood carved by Ignatiy Stobenskyj. In 1978-79 iconostasis was restored.

Bohdan Zhukiewicz
     These tserkvas were built between the 16th and 19th centuries to serve the Eastern Orthodox and Greek Catholic faiths, and were made from the timber of the great forests which covered most lands in Europe at that time. The location of most of them in remote rural villages in the Carpathian Region, between Poland and Ukraine, helped them to survive centuries of plundering and fire.
photo; Andrzej Siwek, Aleksander, Juri, Bohdan, Zakapior

* Potelych the descent of the Holy Spirit Church - 1502
* Matkiv the curious St. Dmytro's Church - 1838

* Drohobych - 17th
   St. George's Church. Built in the second half, it looks like a medieval ship on dry land,
 - is one of the oldest and best preserved timber churches of Galicia. The church, dating from ca. 1500, consists of three parts. The central block is square in plan and comprises the nave. Two other blocks contain the double apse and the narthex. Between 1678 and 1711, the church was renovated: the interior was frescoed, the octagonal structures built up, and a new belfry appeared.


UNESCO from UA - wooden tserkvas (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Ivano-Frankivsk region (Oblast) - Stanislavshchyna - (dawniej Stanisławów)...

* Rohatyn - beginning of the 16th century
   An old image from the Descent of the Holy Spirit Church.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz

* Nyzhniy Verbizh - 1808

photo; Aleksander, Bohdan, Zakapior


UNESCO from UA - Wooden Tserkvas of the Zakarpattya Region... (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Zakarpattia region (Oblast)...

The Church of Ascension of Our Lord, with its bell tower at the left.
* Yasynia - 1824
Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region.
This originally Greek Catholic wooden church,
- and the Chorna Tysa river among the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine. The church is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Hutsul architectural style and few modern alterations have been made to the building, two factors which contributed to its selection as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2013. According to a Hutsul legend the church was built on the site where a flock of sheep miraculously survived through the winter unharmed after being left behind by a shepherd in a snowstorm.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz

* Uzhok - 1745

photo; Aleksander, Juri, Bohdan, Zakapior


Palanok from Zakarpattya (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Bohdan Zhukiewicz


   The paper describes the Palanok castle in the Zakarpattya in Western Ukraine. This is one of the most popular tourist sites in Ukraine, famous not only of turbulent history and military architecture, but also interesting geology and incomparable scenic views. The recent castle was built in the XIVth century at the top of Sarmatia-Early Pannonian hornblende-pyroxene andesine plug, which rises 68 meters above the surrounding plain. The castle includes lower, central and upper parts with 130 rooms of total area about 14 000 m2. In 2008 over 100,000 visitors have arrived from Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, which generated over 50, 000 EUR profit. Recently, the castle is a site of regional museum, modern painting gallery and thematic exhibition "The wooden churches of Zakarpattya".
photo Taras


Zakarpattya Region (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Tserkvas the Carpathian Hutsul...

* The church was originally constructed in the village of Shelestovo.
This Greek Catholic wooden church was built and dedicated to Saint Michael in the Boyko style stands
in the Outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture in Uzhgorod - 1745,
- and was dedicated to Saint Michael. In 1927 the church was moved to Mukachevo, where it was later neglected during the early Soviet period. The church was transferred to the Uzhgorod museum in the 1970's to form the centrepiece of the museum's collection of Transcarpathian folk buildings.
    The church is an outstanding example of the Lemko style of architecture, with its three onion domes arranged with the highest above the narthex (entrance area) a middle dome above the nave and the lowest dome above the sanctuary. There are only a few remaining examples of the Lemko architectural style in Ukraine, since the style is more commonly seen further west in the Carpathians in what today are Slovakia and Poland. Three Lemko churches were moved to what today is the Czech Republic while Transcarpathia was part of Czechoslovakia between the World Wars. Two other Lemko churches which are still in Ukraine have been transferred to the Outdoor Museums in the capital Kiev and in Lviv. A further example of the style is in the town of Svalyava, where the large church of St. Nicholas can be seen.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz
Photo; Zakapior


Castles in the region of Kresy end Podolia (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Kamienets Podilskyi (Kamieniec Podolski)

    "On rocky slopes, as if growing from them, there are powerful walls and towers of an old town, in which nature and architects’ talent created a unique view, where a church and a Turkish minaret, a town hall and an Orthodox church stand next to each other, where each stone preserves in itself the voices of history”…
… A chronicle attributes the creation of the stone fortress to the Lithuanian dukes Koriatowicz, who reigned in the duchy in 60s-90s of the 14th century…
   A high, rocky bank of the Smotrych River
, a picturesque landscape, powerful towers with mysterious Latin inscriptions...

Khotyn (Chocim)

    Situated on a crossing of trade routes, Khotyn has always attracted the invaders’ attention.
… in order to protect Khotyn from the invaders, a fortress which survived centuries and which saw under its walls the army of the Ottoman Empire, insurgents of Mucha, national avengers of Detyna, warriors of Dmytro Vyshnevetsky, and Petro Doroshenko was built…
… Khotyn attracts tourists from all over the world; it is one of the oldest towns in Kresy, which not long ago celebrated its 1000th anniversary. At the beginning of the 11th century, Prince Vladimir I of Kiev
created a system of border fortifications on the West and South of the new state, including Khotyn…
Aleksander Mishuk
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz

Holy Trinity Trenches (Okopy Trójcy Œwiętej)

On a long, rocky promontory near the mouth of the Zbruch River to the Dniester River, on a South-East edge of Galicia, and on the westernmost extent point of Tarnopol Voivodeship in the period of the Second Rzeczpospolita, there are ruins of the fortress from the 17th century, which became famous due to the colorful descriptions in The Un-Divine Comedy by Zygmunt Krasiński. It was there, in a literary vision of Krasiński, on the Holy Trinity Trenches, that aristocrats defended themselves from revolutionists, and the place became a symbol of the Polish conservatism and traditionalism.
   Since 1672, Kamianets Podilskyi, the impregnable fortress, was in the Turkish hands. In the same year, King Michael Korybut Wiœniowiecki signed a disgraceful treaty in Buchach, giving the region of Podolia to the Turks.
Worked out by Bohdan Zhukiewicz
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz
Photos Aleksander Mishuk, Mieczysław Kowal, Janusz Kurasz, Jurek Jaremczuk, (zakapior)


Castles in the Kresy (Tourism from Ukrainian)

Bar castle

   The castle was built around 1380 by the Koriatowicz family. It was the Lithuanian ducal family, which received this
 land from the Grand Duke of Lithuania - Algirdas. The conferment was approved anew by the Polish king Ladislaus Jagiello
 in 1386. At that time the locality was called Rov. The first castle was a wooden fortified building with two towers and a double brick-wall...
   After a death of the last person from the family (1430) the land was incorporated to the Crown and the castle was inhabited by a royal starost...

Międzybóż castle

   A brick castle was built by the Koriatowicz family, who received the land from the Polish king Casimir the Great in 1366...
    The castle was built in the place of the former wooden borough burned by the Tatars in the 12th century. At that time, the castle was frequently attacked by the Tatars because it was situated between the routes of their assaults called Black Trail and Kuczman Trail. (There were also Muravsky Trail and Wolosky Trail...) ...
Zhukiewicz Bohdan
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz
photos Janusz Kurasz, Mieczysław Kowal, Antoni Hadała, Jurek Jaremczuk, Jurek Owczaruk, (zakapior)


UA (Tourism from Ukrainian)

   Of all the former republics of the USSR, Ukraine is considered to be one of the most important. With a population of 47 million and a territory as large as France, Europe's new neighbor is crucial for both Russia and the West. In addition to its natural resources, heavy industries and access to the Black Sea, Ukraine is a major transit country for Russia's oil and gas. Although independent since 1991, this emerging democracy has yet to form its national character. Like many post-Soviet states, it is in the throes of an identity crisis.
   In order to better understand contemporary Ukraine, the non-profit organization Altemus commissioned a team of young East European photographers from Sputnik Photos collective and Ukrainian writers, to travel the country and capture its ethos. Their photographs and stories reveal a country caught between two worlds - communism and liberalism, tradition and modernity, but also a country rich in diversity and resilient in spirit. From the Donbas coalmines to Carpathian mountain villages, the Crimean peninsula to the capital of Kiev, they bear witness to a country in full flux, on a journey to find itself and its place in the world.


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