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Published: 15.07.2012

Ernestine Bluteau
    After acquiring her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the Sorbonne University and gaining experience in dance and cinema, Ernestine Bluteau obtains first prizes in piano, flute, chamber music and accompaniment at several conservatories including Conservatoire Superior in Paris.
   At concerts, she performs as a soloist, plays recitals with singers, stages both with orchestras and chamber groups.
   She is equally a chorus master at opera productions (Bibliothèque National de France, Theatre du Blanc-Mesnil, Theatre d’Herblay…), takes part in different musical theatre and street theatre performances.
   Being open for various musical styles, she accompanies French chanson singers, Latin-American music and conducts the La Louve band performing vocal jazz and sound-painting.


The Ensemble’s performances are many and varied...
By Donna, Tom
Published: 15.08.2011

Donna, Tom


Detroit, Michigan

   Celebrating their 46th Anniversary, Wawel has proudly performed the music and dances of their forefathers since the Ensemble’s founding in 1965 as the first adult Polish performing troupe in the Detroit area. The group’s name was inspired by the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland’s former capital.


Rysiek Szociński from Cisna
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Published: 18.04.2010

translated by JB

   I have met Rysiek in 1993, when me and my wife were in Bieszczady and we were looking for some original
 souvenirs. We
found them in Rysiek’s small private gallery where we have bought a two fantastic paintings. After two years I have visited Rysiek’s place again. I haven’t thought that this visit would be so important for my further life. Rysiek took us to Strzebowiska. We knew that this is a marvelous place, but we didn’t expect that this small village in the middle of nowhere would become our secret place...

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Jazz Grup
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Published: 15.04.2010

            Yuriy Yaremchuk - Mark Tokar - Igor Hnydyn

3 YARit is the band presenting the music of the known Ukrainian composer and saxophonist Yuriy Yaremchuk.
    The musical aesthetics (idea) of the band includes the elements of various music styles, combining them in a specified rational order, presenting the author’s perception of the world with the help of sound and a composition.
   The composition and improvisation of the band include the elements of jazz, new music (free jazz, contemporary music), academic avant-garde and ethnic music. The band enables to better realize the ideas resulting from the common mutual inspiration of Yuriy Yaremchuk and the musicians from the band.
Aleksander Borovkov
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz

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