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Rysiek Szociński from Cisna
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 18.04.2010

... the place where time flows much more slower and where our “safe shelter” was built. In 60s Bieszczady was our second home. We were roaming through the tourist routes and organizing  every kind of outgoings. Now, when we are getting older Bieszczady becomes even more important for us. We have got a small parcel, which we have bought from Rysiek.
   Rysiek is an amazing person. However, he can’t be classified as one of the “Bieszczady’s zakapior”. He has got definitely different poetic style, moreover, his way of living is tremendously distinct from other ‘zakapiors”, such as Zdzich Rados, Zubow or Jędrek Połonina. Presently, Rysiek lives and writes his poetry in Cisna. Here, I would like to quote a small piece of his writing.

   Sometimes Rysiek’s poetry can be very mysterious and incomprehensible for an average reader. However  in his latest poems “Tańcząc Bieszczadem” he creates a very specific atmosphere and he gives a lot of reasons for visiting this boondocks in the middle of Bieszczady. I would like to invite everyone to visiting Rysiek’s gallery in Cisna. His gallery is a symbol of tradition and the great culture in the modern Bieszczady’s atmosphere.
translated by JustynaB

this day uncertain
let it become the time
of my thought
all being above the body

full of imperfections
for You
I am looking in everything
I do not even know for what

I pass the truth
not seeing
and not feeling its warmth

so Lord, make it finish
my inability
Rysiek Szocinski
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz

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photo Józef Gajda