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The Ensemble’s performances are many and varied...
By Donna, Tom
Published: 15.08.2011

   The Ensemble’s performances are many and varied - from featured full-length concerts to special appearances with full symphony in concerts of Polish classical music. Wawel has performed for some of the Detroit area’s most prestigious organizations, and at several Governors’ inaugurations, for Pope John Paul’s visit, and was honored to perform at a special luncheon for former President Ronald Reagan. 

photo Mieczysław Kowal

   This July the Ensemble will participate in their 8th International Folk Festival, in Rzeszow, Poland. As in years past, the troupe attained worldwide recognition when they performed in Poland, receiving awards, and touring various Polish cities. In 1980 the Ensemble was presented with the Oskar Kolberg Award for strengthening the ties between Polonia and Poland.  As charter members of the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, the group has participated in each of the U.S. festivals to date.  Both Tom and Donna have held a title of office on the Board of Directors of the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, since its inception in 1983. Currently Donna hold the office of Vice-President. 

   Wawel’s former director/choreographer and co-founder Marcia Lewandowski, has been an inspiring force of the preservation of their Polish heritage. The ensemble’s current leadership, Tom Skurski - Director and Donna Skurski - Artistic Director brings with them over 30 years of experience in ballet and Polish folk dancing. They with the other members of the ensemble strive to keep their Polish heritage alive.

photo WAWEL

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photo Józef Gajda