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History of pharmacies...
By Lidia Maria Czyż, Maciej Bilek
Published: 10.09.2011

Lidia Maria Czyż, Maciej Bilek

Selected episodes from the Subcarpathian Voivodeship’s pharmacies tradition.
The Provincial Pharmacists Association in Galicia.

    The oldest pharmacy in the Subcarpathian region was probably an outhouse founded by Marcin Barian-Rokicki in Biecz in 1549. Błażej, Jan Dutkowic and his son Sebastian, Krzysztof Nowakowski and Icek, the pharmacist, were first mentioned by names pharmacists in Rzeszów. Pharmacists from Przemyśl were granted a privilege concerning the exclusive sale of goods supporting health by the king Sigismund III Vasa on June, 12, 1591. From the time of incorporating this region into a new Austrian province, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria.


History of pharmacies from...
By Zbigniew Biliński, Bogdan Ziobro, Lidia Maria Czyż.
Published: 10.08.2011

Zbigniew Biliński, Bogdan Ziobro, Lidia Maria Czyż.

History of pharmacies from Jarosław.
Pharmacy „under the Angel” in Frysztak on the Wisłok river.
Pharmaceutical Dańczak family in Sokołów Małopolski.
A monograph on the history of a pharmacy in Dynów by San.

    First note concerning Jarosław on the San comes from 1152 and first notes about pharmacists are mentioned in the town documents from 1600, the year of the death of Stanisław, the first pharmacist. In the first half of the 17th century 15 pharmacists serving as mayors, councilors, jurors and often donating money to public expenditure (Jakub Prywicki, pharmacist, donated 200 florins to a collegiate church orchestra) were working in Jarosław. Also, notes about dispensing of prescriptions from Krasiczyn deserve to be mentioned. Józef Sawiczewski (1762-1825), a famous professor of Pharmacy at the Jagiellonian University came from the nearby Zarzecze. In December 1869 three pharmacists were mentioned in the municipal records: Józef Rohm, Aleksander Bohus and Edmund Mańkowski.

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