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By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.05.2010

   One part of the castle is sold to Seweryn Boner in 1530 while the rest to Skotnicki family in 1601. The Skotnickis make some restorations in the roof construction and the water pipe system which causes a long term conflict between the two families, comically described by a famous Polish comedy Aleksander Fredro (the later owner of Kamieniec). Throughout ages, the castle belonged to several families and it was visited by such noble kings as Kazimierz  the Great, Władysław Jagiełło, Jan Kazimierz, the reign of Hungary - Zapolya. Personages such as Mikołaj Kamieniecki, Stanisław Szeptycki (general), Aleksander Fredro, Wincenty Pol (poet), blessed Stanisław Starowieyski were related to the castle. Renown Hungarian poet Balint Balassy spent several months in XVI c there.
   In 1995, the castle museum is funded and located  in two restored chambers. Since 1998 the castle belongs to the state and is managed by the Kolder family who significantly developed the museum, enrich its exhibits and restore the ruins. Thanks to His Eminence Archbishop Józef Michalik, catholic masses are held in the ruins and participated by approximately 40 000 people only from 1996th rough 2000. In may 2000 the logistic division of Polish Army located in Rzeszów is given the name of Mikołaj Kamieniecki and 12 descendants of the castle proprietors arrive from different countries to participate in the celebrations.
    The Kamienieckis heraldic sign of Pilava becomes the divisions coat of arms.
   Mikołaj Kamieniecki h. Pilawa (1460 – 15 April 1515) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic) and the first Great Hetman of the Crown.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz (photo zakapior)
translated by Justyna Rymarowicz

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Bohdan Zhukiewicz

Roztoczański National Park in Zwierzyniec