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Published: 20.05.2014

   Fauna representatives are typical for virgin forests: grey wolf, lynx, elk, otter, beaver, Edible Dormouse, Hazel Dormouse. The most important birds are Capercaillie and Black stork. Other nesting birds include White-tailed Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Common Crane and Corn Crake. The site is also a haven for such species as Smooth snake, European adder, European Fire-bellied Toad, Natter-jack Toad, as well as butterflies: Bog Fritillary (the biggest population in Poland), Moorland Clouded Yellow, Scarce Large Blue, Dusky Large Blue, Cranberry Fritillary, Hungarian Glider and Woodland Brown. Lasy Janowskie is an important complex of habitats for dragonflies and praying mantis. The area has been designated as a Special Protection Area "Lasy Janowskie" as well as a Special Area of Conservation "Uroczyska Lasów Janowskich".

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Bohdan Zhukiewicz

Roztoczański National Park in Zwierzyniec