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Published: 20.07.2011

The castle in

   Two opposite wings (the eastern and the western one), shorter than the remaining two, served a representative function. Those were palaces decorated  with break and alcove bastions rather than raw castle buildings. On stone underpinning brickwork there are brick walls carefully decorated with diamond patterns made of well fired bricks and with stone portals and window framings. Interior decorations of rooms on a floor in the eastern wing (the so called chapel, a knight room) are worth noticing. One may find there portals, arcades, pillars between windows, stair framing - everything so typical for a perpendicular building style. From the North, an entrance to the castle leads through a Baroque portal with an emblem of the Tarło family - an axe and a date 1772. The second entrance, leading to the residential part, leads through a number of Gothic portals. Under the castle there are cellars with thick walls and barrel vaults. An entrance to these cellars leads through a gate in the southern wing.
   The castle has rather poor defensive quality; there is only a deep moat filled with water from the nearby stream and ponds, which enables us to presume that it was the building displaying the wealth of its owner rather than the object whose purpose was to protect from an invader. It is one of the most precious examples of a perpendicular mansion of a rich owner.
   The castle is surrounded by old growth of lindens.

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