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There is a great mess with relation to the name Ukraine...
By Pogranicze Galicja
Published: 12.12.2015

1189 the chronicler used the name Ukraine with reference to the land between the Boh River and the Dniester, in 1213 the author of Galician-Volhynian Chronicle
 - with reference to the duchy’s land in the vicinity of the Bug, and even later a different chronicler - with reference to the middle part of the area under the Dnieper River.
   What is interesting, this meaning of the word was preserved also in the Russian language in which „ukraine
means both the border land and the suburbs.
   For some period of time the land was called Little Rus, which is a very interesting fact. It was thought up by the patriarchate of Constantinople who wanted to distinguish a new Moscow archdiocese from the old archdiocese of Kiev. According to the system of spatial description acknowledged by the Greeks “Little Rus” was a former territory and “Greater Rus” - the new territory.
   An exact analogy can be noticed in the name “Little Greece” (the continental one) and “Greater Greece” (the Apennine Peninsula and the bigger part of Sicily).
   And here the question arises whether it was the opposite in Poland (the former Greater Poland and the new Little Poland) or whether the names were created under the
influence of Constantinople for which the baptized Polish land of Vistulans were the former territory (Little Poland) and Greater Poland was new?
Zhukiewicz Bohdan
translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz

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