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photo Grażyna Niezgoda

... collection of electronic guitars...
By SK Pogranicze
Published: 20.08.2011

Guitar Museum in Sobrance (Múzeum gitár Sobrance)

    Do you think that the guitar is a unique musical instrument and that it deserves its own museum?! All guitar fans should expect
something of rare occurrence in the town of Sobrance. The museum includes approximately 200 guitars of a total of 1,000 exhibits that can hardly be seen together in any other place, as it is the only guitar museum in Europe and only the second worldwide!


Sanisław Ożóg
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.06.2010

    Born in 1952 in Nienadówka near Rzeszów. In 1972 he graduated from Plastic Arts High School in Jarosław. Chosen by the Ministry of Culture and Art to study in Germany from 1972 till 1978 he studied in Hochschule fur Graphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. In 1978 he received a diploma from the department of book graphics. From 1978 till 1990 he occupied the position of the artistic manager in National Publishing Agency, branch in Rzeszów. Currently he prepares graphic designs of books, calendars, photo albums, he illustrates tales for children and poetry volumes. He made illustrations for a tale entitled “Little Orphan Mary and the Gnomes” and for four other tales. He illustrated “The Anthology of Poetry for Children” and poetry volumes by Leśmian, Norwid, Tetmajer, Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, Liebert, Asnyk and by many other contemporary poets.
    He took part in the seventeenth All-Poland Plein Air Meeting for Illustrators (Ogólnopolski Plener Ilustratorów), where he made illustrations for the works by Kochanowski (“Ballads and Romances”), Mickiewicz (“Master Thaddeus”), Sienkiewicz, Słowacki and Reymont, and for the Bible. Apart from the design works he also deals with drawings. He has been a participant of The All-Poland Plein Air Meeting for Illustrators for 20 years. Since 2004 he has been a member of Kazimierska Konfraternia Artystów.

translated by Joanna Hardukiewicz



My name is...
By admin
Published: 20.04.2009

Arkadiusz ORECHOV
translated by JB

   I come from Lviv and I’m painting in water - colors. The old steam engines are my lifelong passion.
When I was a child my favorite toy was a carton steam engine with carriages. Moreover, my favorite book was  entitled “The Iron Horses” and it was also connected with the steam engines. The book had a marvelous pictures, which presented a various types of steam engines, which I usually compared with those real on the train stations. It was the beginning of 50s when the steam engines started to  play a crucial role in the railway. They were mainly manufactured in Poland. The goods trains were usually hauled by TU 23 while the passenger trains were hauled by PT 31. I still have in mind, that when I got off from the tram I didn’t hear the tram, trolleybus bells or horns – the only thing I could hear was the steam engines’ whiz. Every single smell which came from the railway station for me was obviously connected with the steam engines’ smoke.
   On platforms the smoke consisted of   a mixture of  vapour, the train’s hum, the carriages’ squeak and the announcement for passengers. All of those connected with the sun, which came through the station’ glass roof  created an amazing image of the Lviv  train station. I still remember, that I really enjoyed looking at the steam engine, which pulled in the platform. It started to slow down. The steam  engine’s buffers touched the buffers of the first carriage. The engine driver’s helper checked the connections and looked carefully through  the train’s element. The carriages started to be filled with passengers. And finally, there was a signal for the train departure. The thick smoke was flowing from the steam engine’ chimney-pot and the train slowly started to move, and  in the same time the train’s wheels taped the regular rhythm. 
photo Arkadiusz (bo)


Ygor Yanovych - monochromes and polychromes from Lviv.
By admin
Published: 20.02.2008

translated by JB

... was born in  Kiev in 19944, but he lives and works in Lviv. He is a famous Ukrainian artist, whose works are known not only in  Ukraine, but also in America, Europe and Asia. His paintings are greatly influenced by  idea of abstractionism.
   Yanowich  graduated from  Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (Chair of Art Pottery). In 1986, Yanovich became   a member of Artists’ Union of USSR and since 1988 he worked with “Express-Avangard” (Union at Culture Foundation of the USSR). In 1988-91 he participated in Union exhibitions in the USSR and abroad (Austria, Germany, USA) and cooperated with galleries “Blank-Art” and “Atelier Karas” (Kyiv), “Sovangard Art Gallery” (Vienna, Austria) and “Golitsyn” (Berlin, Germany).
   He has taken part in more than 60 international exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia.  He organized 16 individual exhibitions in Ukraine, Austria, Germany and Poland. His works can be found in private collections, but also in museums all over the world (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada, Poland, Romania and China). Igor Yanovich lives and works in Lviv. 
   He creates his monochromes by using his own technique, which is based on powdered oil paint. Then he makes a stiff liquid out of it and leading it on the canvas. Sometimes he mixes different colures in order to reach a new artistic effect.
photo Igor (zakapior)

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photo Mieczysław Kowal