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Ygor Yanovych - monochromes and polychromes from Lviv.
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Published: 20.02.2008

   Igor Yanovich was born in  Kiev in 19944, but he lives and works in Lviv. He is a famous Ukrainian artist, whose works are known not only in Ukraine, but also in America, Europe and Asia. His paintings are greatly influenced by  idea of abstractionism.
   Yanowich  graduated from  Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (Chair of Art Pottery). In 1986, Yanovich became   a member of Artists’ Union of USSR and since 1988 he worked with “Express-Avangard” (Union at Culture Foundation of the USSR). In 1988-91 he participated in Union exhibitions in the USSR and abroad (Austria, Germany, USA) and cooperated with galleries “Blank-Art” and “Atelier Karas” (Kyiv), “Sovangard Art Gallery” (Vienna, Austria) and “Golitsyn” (Berlin, Germany).
   He has taken part in more than 60 international exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia. He organized 16 individual exhibitions in Ukraine, Austria, Germany and Poland. His works can be found in private collections, but also in museums all over the world (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada, Poland, Romania and China). Igor Yanovich lives and works in Lviv. 
He creates his monochromes by using his own technique, which is based on powdered oil paint. Then he makes a stiff liquid out of it and leading it on the canvas. Sometimes he mixes different colures in order to reach a new artistic effect.
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