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Published: 20.04.2009

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The permanent exhibition in "AMADEUSZ" restaurant in Lviv.

   After a while, my fascination with steam engines developed rapidly. They became my passion and one of the major painting’s theme. How their history  can be described? The first steam engine was called PT 31 and was designed 75 years ago in Poland. Till, the WWII’s outbreak, the PT 31 locomotives were used in Rzeszów. Moreover, they soon became widely used in whole Polish passenger’s traffic, especially on Katowice - Cracow - Lviv track. After the WW II’s outbreak a part of steam engines were took over by Germany and the USSR. Within that period, the huge difference between Polish and USSR’s steam engines came to the light - to Polish advantage, of course. In 1945 the USSR took over 16 Polish steam engines and in 1946 the Russians possessed 18 of them. 
translated by JB

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