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Podkarpacie S
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.01.2012

    A church complex. The church under the invocation of Our Lady which was built as an Orthodox church in 1761 taken over by the Roman Catholic church in 1788. The belfry was most presumably erected at the same time as the church. On account of the cult associated with the picture-painting of Our Lady of Chłopice, a rectangular chapel was built on to the belfry in the middle of the 19th century. South-east of the church there is an outdoor altar which is most likely to have been erected in the 1960, during the general renovation of the entire complex. It constitutes a very interesting and stylish resemblance to the form of the belfry-chapel comprising the complex.
translated by JustynaB

    The church under the invocation of St Sebastian was built in the year 1737 in the place of an earlier wooden one. It was restored with a complete replacement of its shingles in 1954 and 1980. In the place of its old vestibule, a new one was erected. The interior of the church is adorned with illusionistic polychromes most presumably dating from the 18th century.
translated by JustynaB

    So far literature has ac know ledged that the former parish church under the invocation of St Jacob the Older was erected in the years 1750-1754, following the curlier one, built in 1492, by fire. It was most presumably, however, a more reconstruction and extension of the replacement of the burnt breams, rearranging and conforming the in tenor (the frame was partitioned into three naves), extending the sacristy, was well as adding on northern and western vestibules. A belfry was erected alongside the church in approximately 1750. The complex was renovated in 1827 (including the building of the present palisade and mortuary). Safety and repair works were carried through in the 1990.
translated by JB

    The parish church under invocation all the Saints which was erected in 1676. At the time of the renovation of 1869, the low arcades surrounding the church were removed and an extensive vestibule was build west thereof. A monumental oak collapsed on the temple in 1999. At that time the roof of the presbytery also fell apart altogether, a fragment of the eastern gable wall of the sacristy crumbled, while the walls of the church get near one meter out of plumb. The church was rescued from complete devastation owing, to the very immediate intervention and prompt safety and repair works on coconut of the parishioners. Complete renovation was cairned through in 1999.
translated by JustynaB

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