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The health resort in Iwonicz Zdrój
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.11.2010

The Spa Resort House

   Built in 1860 as the Main Hotel it used to house apart from hotel rooms a restaurant, a confectioners, a reading room and an elegant ballroom. Adorn with a charming veranda in Mauritanian style, built in 1887.

The Bazaar Villa

   Being the most characteristic building of the resort it is almost the symbol of the spa. The Bazaar Villa was erected in the years 1876 - 80 on H-shaped letter. It has arcades supported by posts and four-floor clock tower in the corner, coped with open-work balcony.

Old Palace

   The oldest monument of the spa. Built in 1837 according to the design of Amelia Załuska nee Ogińska. Formerly known as the "Larch Palace" due to the material used in its construction. Being classicistic in style, it has a characteristic four - column portico on its front facade.
    The Old Palace – a building built for the Załuski family’s needs as their summer palace. It is situated in the centre of Iwonicz, next to a promenade and the Zdrojowy Park. Formerly, it had a residential and receptionist functions. It is a two-storied building with a four-column portico on thick pillars connected by arcades in a front façade located at the height of a first storey. In a back façade, at the height of the first storey, there is a deep loggia on pillars.
   The palace in the late neoclassical style according. The building was made in Palladian style. Currently, the management of the Health Resort Iwonicz S.A. has its seat in the building. Today, it constitutes an interesting example of transposition of brick buildings into wood.

The White Eagle Villa

   Built in 1912 in the Swiss secession style. Its distinctive factor are numerous balconies in the front facade giving it a feeling of lightness.

Mineral Water Pump Room "Mud Baths"

   Created thanks to the Załuski family initiative in 1937. Formerly housed mud baths. Its present look is due to its rebuilt in 1922 and in the 80ties of the 20th century. It hoses stylish mineral water pump room, a gallery upstairs. One can also promenade under its lovely arcades.

The parish church - Iwonicz Zdrój,
- under the invocation of St Ivon and Our Lady of the Weak and indisposed which was erected in 1895 according to the design of the Austrian architect Favorger, with a skeleton construction typical of Western Europe, owing to the funds of the Załuski family. The uncovered, decoratively shaped rafter framing of the church adds to the extraordinary character of its interior. The structure is a phenomenal exemplification of a wooden church with Neo-Gothic features in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

The parish church - Iwonicz,
- under the invocation of All the Saints which was erected in the 1460 owing to the funds of Marcin Iwonicki. In initially comprised a special roof construction which rendered uniform mounting of the roof ridge. In the first half of the 17th century a brick sacristy and a belfry tower, to the west of the church, were erected as additions. This structure was reconstructed in the years 1884-1895 (including extensions to its nave frame, the building of two chapels in the form of a pseudo-transept, and the building of the Załuski family). Chapel on to the presbytery.

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