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The Carpathian museum at Trzcinica.
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 10.09.2010

   We set about all the necessary administrative steps and the purchase of the land for the project. We compiled a scientific
plan and a design, the objective being to create a new cultural and tourist attraction and to protect a unique European heritage site. The aim of our project, which was entitled The Carpathian
Open-Air Museum, Trzcinica: A Regional Tourist Attraction, was to set up a large tourist facility on an  area of over 8 hectares, comprising the precinct of the Royal Earthworks hill fort and the environs around the hill, now the archaeological park. In the hill fort area we reconstructed 9 sections of the original earthwork defenses, a stretch of the road and gatehouse, two Early Bronze Age dwellings, the Early Medieval gatehouse and 4 Slavonic cottages; we restored the 10" - century freshwater source and we marked the site of the treasure-trove. Visitors access roads and drives and a ticket hall were built. We are envisaging the installation of a sightseeing platform. An exhibition pavilion was built of about 1800 sq. m. in area, with a display hall, a conference room, educational facilities, an administrative and technical services precinct, and visitors services. We reconstructed the Otomani-Fuzesabony village (3500 BC), and the Slavonic village (9" c. AD). We laid out a festival precinct and a 2000 sq. m. car park with the required access roads and drives and a few artificial lakes. There is a perimeter fence around the entire premises and a security monitoring system.

   All the reconstructions were carried out on the basis of our scientific research results and state-of-the art date, the aim being to make the reinstallations as true to historical realia as possible. The design of the open-air museum has taken into account the unique character of this place, its location, and its practical functions. The choice of technologies used to implement the project was determined by the specific features of this historic and its environs, and concern to keep interference with the historic substance of the fortified settlements down to a absolute minimum. The Carpathian Troy Open-Air Archaeological Museum at Trzcinica is a branch of the
Sub-Carpathian Museum at Krosno.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz
translated by Justyna Rymarowicz

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