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Pokarpacie W
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.09.2010

   The parish church under the invocation of St Nicholas  which was most probably erected in the late 15th century, It was presumably redeveloped in approximately 1611. This place of worship underwent renovation and extension (a tower was added on to it) close to the end of the 17th century. A special roof construction, which is very characteristic of the oldest wooden churches in south-east Lesser Poland, warranting uniform mounting of the roof ridge, was applied when building this structure.

   The parish church under the invocation of St Barbara and the Birth of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
which was
presumably erected in the second half of the 15th.  It was built in a special roof construction system, which very characteristic of the oldest wooden churches, rendering mounting of the roof ridge. It was reconstructed in the second half of the 19th century (its low arcades were taken apart, a turret for a transept spire was built, the nave was extended, and inside, its frame was divided into three naves). Its interiors were covered with 19th century polychrome murals painted by Jan Tabiński. This church is one of the oldest structures of Late-Gothic wooden architecture in Lesser Poland.

The parish church under the invocation of St Anne which was built in 1520. In the 17™ century it was surrounded by "soboty" (low arcades)  and a detached tower-belfry (built on to the nave after 1750). Subsequent reshaping and expansion of the church took place in the second half of the™ century (including the extension of the tower by building side annexes). Its interiors are embellished with late-renaissance icons-ornamental polychrome from the second half of the 16™ century (discovered in the years 1993-1994).
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