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Podkarpacie N
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Published: 20.03.2012

    The church under the invocation of the Transfiguration of Christ whist was built in 1674. The temple was restored and reconstructed in 1735 owing to the efforts of Paweł Sanguszko. Inside, both the walls and the ceiling have been embellished with polychrome dating back to approximately 1735. These are Late-Baroque icon-ornamental paint with illusionistic architectonic partitions.
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   The parish church under the invocation of the Birth of the Most  Blessed Virgin Mary which was built in the years 1727-1728, and then consecrated in 1744 by the Bishop of Przemyśl Wacław Hieronim Sierakowski. Complete renovation of the temple was carried through in 1898 owing to the financial support of Maurycy Zamoyski. The church complex comprises the church and belfry, as well as a wooden vicarage and chapels. The ceilings of the naves and the presbytery are partially covered with polychrome dating back to the late 19" century.

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Poręby Dymarskie
   The Roman-Catholic parish church under the invocation of SS Stanislaus and Adalbert which was built between erected in the years 1656 and 1660 in Cmolas.  In approximately around 1735 the church silhouette was transformed (addition of a tower) frame underwent restructuring. Renovated extensively. Abandoned and derelict since 1960, it was moved to Poręby Dymarskie in 1979 where it was rebuilt. Inside, its Late-Renaissance polychrome dating back to 1669 has been preserved. The church is an exemplification of the continuation of the Gothic tradition of wooden architecture.
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   The Roman-Catholic parish church of SS John the Baptist and Barbara was built in 1643 as a foundation Jan Hilary Uliński, the standard bearer of Halicz. The church was renovated many times in the 16th century. In the late 19th century the church was completely restored. The interior is decorated with figural wall paintings (probably 16th century) that were renovated and made complete in 1868. The church complex is surrounded by a wall which incorporates a masonry bell-tower in the south and two gates in the north and south.


   The Roman-Catholic local church of the Holy. Trinity ("rafts men's church") was presumably built in 1690 as a foundation of Jędrzej Zamoyski, the voivode of Smoleńsk. It was consecrated in 1742 and extended in that same year. Around the mid-19th century the church was thoroughly renovated. The interior is decorated with wall paintings with illusionistic elements, presumably from the 18th century, that were repainted in the late 19th century.
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Piątkowa - photo Wiesław Gargała


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