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By Pogranicze Galicja
Published: 10.08.2010

The Lvov Polytechnic University.
... The author of the design, the most famous Lvov architect of the 19th century, Julian Zachariewicz, aspired to create a building as great as the well-known High Technical School in Vienna. The architect tried to convey the architectural style of Viennese historicism but with a new interpretation of the Renaissance and Baroque.
   The building’s façade is distinguished with the tranquil grandeur and proportionality of architectural forms. The attic is decorated with a sculptural group by Leonardo Marconi portraying Engineering, Architecture, and Mechanics.
   The spacious lobby impresses with its solemnity. The staircase is adorned with polychrome ceiling paintings, stucco moldings, and allegorical bas-reliefs personifying the Arts and Sciences. The Assembly Hall exhibits figures of caryatids and a decorative panel depicting the milestones of human civilization. The library rooms are furnished with rich wood carving. The museum in the main building of the Polytechnic tells about the history of this well-known educational establishment. A small bridge built in1892 and situated in the park of the Polytechnic was the first reinforced concrete construction in Halychyna.

The Ivan Franko National University.

... Since 1919, following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the building has accommodated a university. The monumental building, rendered in the elegant style of Viennese Neo-Renaissance architecture of the first half of the 19th century, is a harmonious combination of architecture and sculpture. The entrance to the building is adorned with two large allegorical compositions, Education and Labor. Above, on the attic, stands a commanding sculptural group The Tutelary Spirit of Halychyna with the figures of Halychyna, the Dniester, and the Vistula. The façade of the building is decorated below with figures symbolizing Love, Justice, Truth, and Faith.
   The university’s façade is best viewed from the opposite square, near the monument to Ivan Franko.

   The front staircase, illuminated from the glass ceiling, is adorned with Neo-Renaissance ornamental patterns by the famous sculptor Leonardo Marconi. The building’s lobby has original wall-paintings of the early 1950s in the style of Stalinist Socialist Realism.
Myroslav Podolskyy, Aleksander Borovkov
photo (zakapior), Bohdan Zhukiewicz

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The Kornyakt Town - photo Bohdan Zhukiewicz