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Drohobych (early 16th century)...
By Pogranicze Galicja
Published: 05.08.2013

   In 1661 on the western section of the church was built Chapel of St. John the Baptist so Wooden Church of Exaltation of Holy Cross became two-story. Some changes were made during the renovation in 1715.
   The murals of the church comes from different times - the altar paintings preserved of the beginning of XVII century of painter Gregory, chapel was painted in 1672 at the expense of Ivan Kobrynovych, eastern wall of the nave painted in 1736.
   Lost iconostasis of Chapel of St. John the Baptist painted in 1669 by painter Stephen Medytskyy. Some icons "Christ with Apostles" and "Holy Virgin" painted in 1694 by his son - painter Ivan Medytskyy. Altar icon "St. Nicholas" in 1746 painted Basil and altar "Christ - Winegrower" - Basil Hlibkevych in 1753.
   The iconostasis of Wooden Church of Exaltation of Holy Cross is two periods: the lower row of icons of XVII century, the top row with Apostles in 1780 painted Drohobych priest of Church of St. Paraskeva - Peter Metelskyy.

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Pochajiv - photo Sasza

The Palanok Castle or Mukachevo - photo Grisza