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TOURISM from SK - Zemplín, Šariš, Spiš, Liptov, Orava, (region)
Resorts of Slovakia...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 11.07.2018

Recommended golf

   Slovakia is a country which is cut out for
golf lovers and fans. It offers several fully-equipped, excellent golf courses situated in the beautiful landscape under the Low and High Tatras. Enjoy fun and have rest in the  quiet corners of the parks with gorgeous historical manor houses. Both outdoor and indoor golf courses are available not only for total beginners but also proficient golf players. This is a great opportunity for friendly get-togethers, family activities and excellent opportunity for informal meetings of businessmen. Golf in Slovakia offers a unique combination of active and not demanding sport with getting to know the beauties of nature and relaxation in top-class wellness centers. If you discover Slovak golf resorts you will find the thing that you have always dreamed of when it comes to playing golf.

Black Stork Veľká Lomnica A PGA GOLF COURSE,
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Veľká Lomnica,
Junior Golf Summer School and Junior Golf Summer Camp in the High Tatras.

Golf Grey Bear
Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Horná Lehota.


Thermal swimming pools and aquapark...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 09.07.2018


1. Thermal Swimming Pool Izabela Vyšné Ružbachy
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Stará Ľubovňa, Vyšné Ružbachy,
2. Thermal Pool Vrbov near Kežmarok
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Vrbov,
3. Grand Hotel Permon's Paradise Podbanske
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Pribylina,
4. Thermal Swimming Pool Thermal Raj Liptovský Ján
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Ján,
5. Aqua-Vital Park Spa Lúčky
Lokalizácia: Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, Lúčky,
6. Aquapark Thermal Meander Park Oravice
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, Vitanová.

An oasis of relaxation in summer and winter
   Discover the water worlds of the Slovak aqua parks. Water slides, tropical paradises, and numerous water attractions spread throughout modern thermal pools offer an oasis of relaxation not only in summer, but also in winter. Bathing below the snow-capped mountain peaks is truly an unforgettable experience. Slovakia offers top-notch entertainment and wellness!


UNESCO from SK...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.07.2016

Bratyslawa end Devin

Culture and sights

   Thanks to its position in the centre of Europe, the cultures of the West and East have met in Slovakia over a history
 spanning several thousands of years. From Celtic settlements, through the remains of Roman fortifications, ancient Slavic cult places, manors and fortified castles of the Ugrian nobility, medieval mining towns, German settlers, the easternmost Gothic sites in Europe, Renaissance and Baroque palaces, Greek Catholic and Orthodox wooden churches, Jewish synagogues and cemeteries, and the interwar functionalism and socialist realism of expanding cities to current projects reflecting the latest trends.
Cultural Heritage
   Three localities from Slovakia were inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List already in 1993: Castle of Spiš and its environs, Banská Štiavnica and Vlkolínec. In 2000, the historic town Bardejov was added, in 2008 wooden churches of the Slovak part of Carpathian Mountain Area and in 2009 town Levoča.
Castle of Spiš
 is the largest medieval castle compound in central Europe along with the little town of Spišské Podhradie (with typical Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses), the Church town of Spišská Kapitula (including several sacral monuments and above all the impressing two tower cathedral of St Martin) and the Gothic church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra from the 14th century and frescoes in its interior from the 14th and 15th centuries. Well conserved monuments along with the charming natural setting of the travertine territory of the National Nature Reserve Dreveník forms a unique whole.
   In June 2009, the historic town of Levo
 was included in this group of Spiš monuments. Banská Štiavnica is a town monument reserve which demonstrates the mining tradition in Slovakia, Vlkolinec represents a reserve of traditional folk architecture and Bardejov end Spa Bardejovské Kúpele is considered to be the most Gothic town in Slovakia.
Wooden churches of the Slovak part of Carpathian Mountain Area possess an extraordinary worldwide value, too. The churches include: Roman Catholic churches in Hervartov and Tvrdošín, Evangelical articular churches in Kežmarok, Leštiny and Hronsek, and churches of Eastern rite in Bodružal, Ladomirová and Ruská Bystrá.
Slovakia travel


UNESCO Wooden churches
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.06.2016

   Specific samples of sacred architecture in Slovakia are the wooden churches.  Their folk builders expressed the perfect harmony of the human soul with nature and the effort to disengage from earthly worries. Among the oldest are the Gothic wooden churches (for example Hervartov, Tvrdošín). The “articled” churches are other type of wooden churches (for instance Sv. Kríž, Leštiny, Kežmarok, Hronsek). The “articled” churches are those built under the article of the law issued by Emperor Leopold I at the end of the 17th century.
Worked out by Bohus Zhukiewicz

* Hronsek articled church - 1726
Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Hronsek,
* Leštiny articled church - 1688
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Dolný Kubín, Leštiny,
* Tvrdošín All Saints church - 17th
Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, Tvrdošín,
* Kežmarok church of the Holy Trinity - 1717
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Kežmarok,
* Ruská Bystrá church of the relics of St. Nicholas - 18th
Location: Košický kraj, okres Sobrance, Ruská Bystrá,
* Hervartov church of St Francis of Assisi - 1499
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Bardejov, Hervartov,
* Bodružal church of St Nicolas - 1659
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Svidník, Bodružal,
* Ladomirová St Michael the Archangel - 1742
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Svidník, Ladomirová.


Mesto - kraj - region - Košice
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.11.2015

To the palaces of the metropolis in eastern Slovakia (Košice)
Location: Košický kraj.

: Hlavná ulica (street) - Names tie MMM (square).

   The walk in Košice starts next to the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton located only several meters south of the Hlavné names tie square, one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. Its dominant is the monumental St Elizabeth Cathedral, the biggest church in Slovakia and simultaneously the easternmost situated cathedral of the western type in Europe.
   The neighboring Urbanova veža tower built in the 14th century and the independently standing St. Michael Chapel from the end of the 14th century form a wonderful Gothic compound in the centre of the town. It is the liveliest place of Košice and along with the park and the “singing” fount and carillon it is also the most visited one.
   Passing by the eastern row of house on the square, the former palaces of nobility, burgher houses and two churches intrigue visitors. The street Hlavná ulica ends on the Námestie Medzinárodného maratónu mieru square with the statue of the Marathon Runner and the Neo Renaissance building of the East Slovakia Museum built in 1896-99. Its most interesting exhibit is the famous Golden Treasure of Košice.
   After returning to the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton the route continues along the western row of houses on the treet Hlavná ulica with the dominant of the Baroque-Classicist Rákóczi Palace which contains exhibits of the Slovak Technical Museum and the Classicist Csáky-Dessewffy Palace from the first half of the 19th. The Bishops Palace from 1804 and the Empire Forgách Palace from the 19th century complement the historic core of the town.
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 - the best-known historical monuments are to be found in the second largest city of Slovakia, in Košice. Košice is the first european city, which obtained its own armorial list. Another primacy is connected with sports. The International Marathon of Peace, as the oldest in Europe, is held here every year, always the first Sunday in October. In the cetre of the town you can find the biggest Town Monument  Reservation in Slovakia. Its most dominating building construction is the St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. This Gothic Cathedral has a beautiful main altar, which consists of 48 Gothic paintings and statues. St. Elizabeth's Cathedral is also the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe. Together with neighbouring St. Michael chapel and the Urban's tower they  create a complex of National cultural monument. North-west from the city you will find the remains of Košický castle. Only by the architectonic remains we can guess, how was the castle built into the rocky landscape. Košice castle and St. Elizabeth's cathedral are just only some of the many, historically interesting buildings, which you will pass as you walk through this magnificent city.


Priehradná nádrž - dam...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.10.2015


Ružín (dam)
: Košický kraj, okres Gelnica, Margecany.

   The water reservoir lies not far away from
in a wonderful natural setting. The big V-shaped lake is a much sought after holiday resort and active relaxation next to water.
   The river Hornád was blocked near the village Ružín, which disappeared under the water. The weir has considerably raised the water table of the river and its tributaries. The depth of the dam reaches 50 meters and it stretches on the area of 600 hectares.


Mesto - kraj - region - Prešov
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.05.2015

From palace to palace (Prešov)
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Prešov.
The starting and final point
: Hlavná ulica street,
Route: Klobušický Palace - St Nicolas church - Rákóczi Palace.

   The sightseeing of Prešov starts in the southern end of the Hlavná ulica street
. The street consists of Late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses with lavish ornamentation. The four-wing Klobušický Palace
is a nice example.
   If you continue to the middle of the street you will immediately spot the monumental St Nicolas church from the mid-14th century with a tall Gothicized tower. Do not forget to visit the Evangelical
church of the Most Holy Trinity and the originally Renaissance building of the Evangelical college
, the reason why Prešov was also once referred to as the “Athens above Torysa”.
   The most valuable monument of the northern part of the square is the
Rákoczi Palace with the fine Renaissance graffiti ornamentation - today the building of the Homeland Studies Museum.
Slovakia travel

 - is a yet undiscovered gem among the royal Slovak towns. It is here where you can find one of the most important industrial monuments in Slovakia - national cultural monument Solivar, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, baroque Calvary, the Jewish Synagogue, the Greek Catholic church of St. John the Baptist with a rare replica of the Turin Shroud, the Museum of wines and many other attractions. Close to Prešov there are ruins of five castles and famous Dubnica opal mines where the largest opal in the world was found. The opal is also called Harlequin because of its beautiful color. Prešov as the only Slovak town can take  pride in the fact that the 49th parallel passes through its historical center. Another interesting fact about Prešov is that there are 325 immovable cultural monuments. Historical center of the town has been one of the oldest urban conservation areas in Slovakia since 1950. Slanské vrchy and Šarišská vrchovina close to Prešov are suitable for the lovers of hiking and biking.


"Slovak sea"
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.03.2014

Zemplínska šírava

: Košický kraj, okres Michalovce, Kaluža.

   In the northern part of the lowland
Východoslovenská nížina, the water reservoir attracts in summer season. Due to its very favorable local climate
, it is widely used for recreation.
    It was constructed in the 1960s and it is situated on the bottom of a large depression. In the past, the locality was called the "
mud of Vihorlat". The water reservoir is comparatively shallow
, its depth reaches only the maximum of 3.5 meters and the area of its surface is between 22 and 35 square kilometers.


Kaluža - New “Aqua World“
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 20.02.2014

Thermal park Šírava - at Zemplínska šírava,

- has arisen within last two years at Zemplínska šírava shores in the land register of the village Kaluža. Thermal park Šírava was officially opened on 15th of June 2014. New “Water land“ consists of four pools - massage, wave & swimming, relaxing and kids pool. All pools are made out of quality stainless steel.

Aqua World consists of three main pools:
* wave & swimming pool,
* relaxing pool,
* massage pool,
* kids pool for children under 5 years.

   Wave pool is characterized by surge simulation, relaxing pool offers plenty of different massage jets (spinal etc.). Massage pool with water massage beds provides whole body hydro massage.
   Supreme quality stainless steel was used for pool construction which is one of the most quality materials available. It is characterized by no problematic maintenance and very long operational life.
    When talking about Thermal park's pool water disinfection one of the most modern technologies has been used and that is membrane electrolysis unit CHLORINSITU III. It means that directly in Thermal park ultraclean solution of sodium hypochlorite is produced from salt (NaCl) through electrolysis. The solution of sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant which prevents pervasive chlorine odor and does not irritate eyes nor skin.

Apart from pools other attractions are prepared for visitors, namely:
* long slide,
* short slide,
* wild river,
* rocking bay,
* playground for children.

    Naturally, quality relax must be enriched by wide variety of food and drinks which will be ensured by Thermal park's restaurant. Moreover, plenty of chairs for resting are at disposal. Quiet zone located at the first floor is prepared for visitors looking for peace and quiet environment. Thermal pool with highly mineralized geothermal water, as well as child water interactive playground or relaxing pool are being build in Thermal park's exterior area and the expected date of completion is summer 2014. All year round Thermal park itself offers its visitors 600m2 of water area. Current visitors capa city of Aqua World is 550 person.


The Domaša Dam Lake was built by blocking the Ondava...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 20.08.2013

Veľká Domaša
Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Vranov nad Topľou, Kvakovce

   The green pearl of eastern Slovakia - the water reservoir Veľká Domaša, built on the river Ondava, is situated in the mountains Ondavská vrchovina. Warm climate of the lake favours water sports and fishing.
    Apart from wonderful landscape with peaceful nooks, the lake attracts tourists because of its clear water with admirable self-cleaning capacity where 23 fish species live. Bathing and water sports can be pursued in five recreation villages - Valkov-Tíšava, Dobrá, Poľany, Holčíkovce and Nová Keľča situated on its shores.
   The water temperature in Veľká Domaša is 23 °C - ideal for swimming while fans of windsurfing also find good conditions here.
   A busy night life in summer months in various discoteques or dance halls is refreshed by popular events such as the election of Miss Domaša.


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