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TOURISM from SK - Zemplín, Šariš, Spiš, Liptov, Orava, (region)
(Veľká Fatra Mts.), (Malá Fatra Mts.)
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.09.2011

Veľká Fatra

The territory of the Veľká Fatra Mts. with considerable concentration of natural assets has been declared the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) in 1973 and the National Park of Veľká Fatra in 2002. The basic natural value of the Veľká Fatra Mts. is its extensive mountain territory with dissected surface, rich in karstic phenomena, continuous forest, extensive and typical deforested zones, long valleys with diverse flora and fauna, and the largest locality of the original yew tree occurrence in Europe.
Its area is 404 square kilometers, the protective zone stretches on 261 square kilometres. Considerable part of the territory is under the higher degree of protection, which is the Small Area Protected Territory. Administration of the NP seats in Vrútky.
The best starting points for hiking in the National Park are the towns Martin, Ružomberok, Turčianske Teplice, ski resorts Donovaly, Malinné and the folk architecture reserve Vlkolínec included in the UNESCO cultural heritage.

Gaderská and Blatnická dolina valleys.
Situation of the village Blatnica next to the Gaderská dolina and Blatnická dolina valleys makes of it an ideal salient point for the trips to the spectacular valleys of the Veľká Fatra Mts.
 Continuation of the Gaderská dolina valley in its upper end is the valley of Dedošová and together they are almost 18 kilometers long. It is in fact a canyon with bulky rocks, rock towers and other interestingly shaped rock formations. Its rich and rare flora and occurrence of rare animals enhance its attractiveness.
The Blatnická dolina valley is somewhat shorter but also interesting. It is often used for the access to the areas of Krížna and Kráľova studňa Mts. in the main ridge of the Veľká Fatra Mts. In the lower part of the valley is the conspicuous rock - Skalné okno (Rock Window).
The marked hiking trail, which passes through the in places deep and canyon-shaped Konský dol and leads to the imposing limestone massif of Tlstá, connects the Gaderská and Blatnická dolina valleys. The ascent to the Tlstá Mt. is rather demanding even for experienced hikers. Beyond the altitude of 700 m there are bulky rock terraces and tall rock faces visible from a long distance. There is also one of the biggest caves of the Veľká Fatra Mts. - the Mažarná cave
(not accessible to public).

Malá Fatra
Krivánska part of the Malá Fatra Mts. was designated the Protected Landscape Area in 1967 for unusual abundance of its natural assets and the plant and animal species it contains. It was re-classified in 1988 to National Park Malá Fatra
. It spreads on an area of 226 square kilometers. The area of its protective zone is 233 square kilometers.
   The main subject of protection is the territory with varied geological history and dissected relief forms, rare and precious biosensors, flora and fauna, and the exceptional value of forest and mountain compounds with precious dwarf pinewoods,
rapacious animals
such as the wolf, lynx or bear. The administration of the National Park seats in Varín.
   The waterfall
Šútovský vodopád, Horné Diery and Dolné Diery and the tops like Malý Rozsutec, Veľký Rozsutec or Veľký Fatranský Kriváň
are the popular destinations of tourist.

   The village Štefanová with numerous buildings built in traditional style is situated in the north-west of Slovakia at the foothill of the mountain Veľký Rozsutec (1610 m).
    The area of the Veľký Rozsutec Mt. is the National Nature Reserve. Part of the reserve is the system of gorges called Diery. It consists of three independent parts. The Dolné diery is the gorge accessible by ladders and footbridges. The Horné diery is another gorge between the Veľký and Malý Rozsutec Mts. characterised by spectacular rocks, waterfalls and abundant and rare flora. The Nové diery is the third gorge, which protrudes from the Dolné diery up the stream of one of the tributaries of the brook.
   The passage through the most attractive parts of the Dolné and Nové diery follows the route of the instructive path, which starts in Štefanová.
   The locality Starý Dvor is the base for trips in another part of the valley. In winter it is preferred and sought after by downhill skiers.

   The ideal starting point for trips in the Park is the localities
Terchová, Vrátna a Štefanová.

Vrátna valley
   The only access road to the Vrátna valley, the most attractive part of the Malá Fatra Mts. is from the village Terchová.
   The Vrátna valley has four points of access: Tiesňavy, Stará dolina, Nová dolina and Starý dvor.
    Immediately beyond Terchová the road passes through an impressing entrance to the valley Vrátna, the canyon of Tiesňavy, with the Vrátňanka brook. It has many rock forms skirting the cascading brook. This National Nature Reserve consists of the proper canyon, the mountain ridge and the adjacent slopes of the Sokolie and Boboty Mts. The Zbojnícky chodník (The Robbers Path) starts in Tiesňavy and leads through the interesting parts of rock landscape. The Vrátna valley forks into the Stará and Nová dolina valleys beyond the Tiesňavy.
   At the head of the Stará dolina valley is the tourist cottage Chata Vrátna. Not far away from the lower station of the chair lift to the saddle Snilovské sedlo is the Symbolic cemetery dedicated to victims of mountains. Hikers also like to stop at the Skok waterfall. The Chata Vrátna cottage serves as the base for trips to the main ridge of the Krivánska Fatra Mts. with its tallest mountain Veľký Kriváň (1709 m).

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