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TOURISM from SK - Zemplín, Šariš, Spiš, Liptov, Orava, (region)
Priehradná nádrž - dam...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 10.10.2015

   The narrow ribbon of the water reservoir copies the original 
meanders of the river Hornád. It winds around the forested hills of the Čierna hora with impressing rock tops crises-crossed by caves. The mountain Sivec (781 m), the dominant of the landscape, offers the most beautiful view of the dam. The water of Ružín reservoir is used for industrial and recreational purposes.

   The water reservoir Ružín was built on the river Hornád in a deep valley of Bujanovské vrchy (Bujanovské Mountains) and belongs to the most beautiful water areas in Slovakia. It consists of two water dams and is surrounded by the hills of Čierna hora  (Black Mountain). The main water dam Ružín I. was built in the year 1967 and has the volume of 59 million m3, and the second compensatory water dam Ružín II., which was finished in 1972, has the volume 4,5 million m3. At the place where the original village was flooded, the water dam is 14 km wide. The water reservoir is narrow and long, because it is situated in the hilly valley of the river Hornád. The dam is 390 ha large and on some places 60 m deep. Except for the river Hornád, also the rivers Hnilec and Belá flow into Ružín. The dam is used for producing the electricity.
   Ružín is surrounded by beautiful mountains out of which the most dominant is the mountain Sivec from which you can have a breathtaking view of the whole water reservoir. The dam is a favorite recreational resort with a large number of mysterious nooks, some of them untouched by the civilization. A cruise with a boat through the emerald water of this large water area surrounded by a dense forest is an unforgettable experience. By a small boat you can get to a rocky Island of Love or a Small Island. Ružín is a paradise of fishermen with lots of carps, perches, pikes, trout, even 20 kg catfish is not rare. The water is cold even in the hot summer, refreshing for swimmers and water skiers with excellent conditions for these kinds of sports.
   The most known centers are the settlements Opátka, Jaklovce and a camp site Košiská Belá.

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... widok ze Starej Lubovny na Tatry - (photo zakapior)

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