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TOURISM from SK - Zemplín, Šariš, Spiš, Liptov, Orava, (region)
Thermal swimming pools and aquapark...
By Pogranicze SK
Published: 09.07.2018

Thermal Swimming Pool Izabela
Vyšné Ružbachy

: Prešovský kraj, okres Stará Ľubovňa, Vyšné Ružbachy

- with its climate influenced by thick surrounding forests became an optimal place for active resting during the whole year. Summer bathing, walking or cycling in the vicinity in the summer is replaced by ski slopes and running tracks in the winter.

Izabela Resort with five outdoor swimming pools (including two children swimming pools) is located in the attractive setting of Vyšné Ružbachy
. There is also an indoor thermal swimming pool open throughout the year. The wide range of services includes a balneal program me, a wellness programmer and sports facilities.

Offers its visitors 2 outdoor pools for adults and 2 for kids, as well as 1 indoor thermal pool.
   Thermal water for the pool is directly fed from the spring Izabela Vyšné Ružbachy. It is a natural healing water - slightly mineralized, hydro-carbonic,  calciferous-magnesium, hypotonic - predestined to treat cardiovascular, respiratory, mental and gynecological diseases.
   An extraordinary attraction in the resort is an island in the recreational pool surrounded by tall conifers, a diving tower in the swimming pool with a height of 5 m, as well as the movable pool covering above the thermal swimming pool.
   The upper mentioned thermal covered swimming pool with a water temperature of 34 °C is open all over the year. The movable pool covering together with mobile sides guarantees a close and unforgettable contact with surrounding nature.

Thermal springs in the spa
   There are altogether nine springs producing about 150 liters of water per  second with a temperature of 19°C to 22 ºC. The healing water belongs to a group of hydro-carbon-disulphate, calcareous-magnesium, hypotonic mineral waters. The most generous and perhaps the richest carbon source in Europe is the spring “Izabella” which produces as much as 100 liters of water per second presenting the main natural healing well in the whole spa. It provides with mineral water not only hydropathic facilities, but also the outdoor summer swimming pool. Healing water wells up even from other spring sources. Some of them, such as the spring Jozef, are marked and available to refresh every single tourist.

White house of the Zamoyski earl
   The White house was built in the year 1931 from white travertine in the  biedermeier style from the initiative of earl Andrej Zamoyski with his wife Izabela de Bourbon, the niece of the Spanish king Alfonz. The White house was a much-sought-for cultural and social centre of Polish aristocracy. Today many social events take place in its restaurant of earl Zamoyski which offers nice ambient with a wide choice of delicious meals. Interesting events are being organized in the spa´s own coffee-bar and besides this one can enjoy leisure time on the terrace of the White house by a cup of coffee or Pieniny tea, eating a tasty cake or by a glass of exquisite wine.

- is an unique travertine lake, 20 m in diameter and 3 m deep, surrounded  by a travertine wall with thermal water. The craters of Ružbachy have nothing to do with volcanoes or volcanic eruptions. They are results of collapsed travertine monticules which precipitated around mineral springs rich in calcium. Lake Kráter is the most preserved travertine formation of its kind in central Europe and at the same time a trade-marked area.

   The oldest sculpture symposium which beginnings date back to the year 1964 when the preliminary year took place in Vyšné Ružbachy. Famous personalities of European as well as international sculpture art took part in the event and left their works behind. Nowadays the symposium has a form of an open-air exposition at the beginning of the spa village Vyšné Ružbachy.

Łomnica 2655 m, Lomnický štít

Thermal Pool Vrbov near Kežmarok
: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Vrbov

   In the Thermal Pool Vrbov you will find the right geothermal water, which is  considered one of the best mineral waters in Central Europe containing important mineral substances for the human body.
   Geothermal water, which the pools are filled by, springs from a depth of over 2000 m and contains minerals with beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and respiratory system, nervous system, skin and cardiovascular system.
   The temperature of the springing water reaches 59 °C. In the pools, the temperature from 26° C to 38 °C is maintained.  Substantial relaxation is contributed to by spouts with flushes of running water below which visitors relax their stiff muscles. The swimming pool is very often visited by sportsmen who need to rest and recover strength after hearty skiing or hiking. If anyone needs help from an expert, he or she can benefit from Thai massage with different kinds of massages.
   For guests there is a snack bar, you can dine amply at Koliba which is located directly in the area of the thermal swimming pool.
   The entry to the pools is located in a newly built glass building, from which a canal leads to the outdoor pools. During the winter season, there are five pools available;
 - pool with clean water which is equipped with spouts (32° C),
- stainless steel pool - "butterfly" with geothermal water (38° C),
- sitting pool with thermal water (38°C),
- swimming pool with thermal water and temperature (26° C),
- children pool inside the building with clean water (32° C).

   Comfort and pleasant relaxation will be certainly evoked by the impressive panoramic view of the Tatra peaks.

Gerlachovský štít 2655 m

Permon's Paradise

: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Pribylina

     The unique GRAND HOTEL, one of the largest and most exclusive hotels in Slovakia, is to be found in the picturesque alpine village of Podbanské, above which stands the majestic Tatra peak Kriváň. The hotel offers the chance to return to nature hand in hand with the luxury of 21st-century comfort and the largest wellness centre in Slovakia. Enter the heart of the High Tatras, and your heart will open to the unique experience of the Permon.

AQUA - big pool (25x12 m) with a swimming lane, water jets, massage jets, pearl, whirlpool for 12 people with a view of the majestic peak of Kriváň, landing pool for 63-metres-long picture water slide and wide chute (10 m long), infrasauna.
KIDS' - children pool with attractions (pearl, "baby" chute, chute Cobra, chute Bear).
Herbal inhalation, Ice refreshments, Path of Dr. Kneipp, Roman steam bath, Tatra shower, Eucalyptus inhalation, Vital rain Finnish sauna, Spa of courage, Ice shower, Bear’s lair, Ice fall, Salt chamber, Peppermint inhalation, Trout bath, Shepherd’s room, Murmuring water, Spring under Kriváň, Tepidarium, Sunny meadow, Soul of water, Prehistory, Massage beds, Wild river, Steam shower, Massage fountain, Pearl bath, Fox’s lair - together 30 attractions with an area of 1430 m².
wide offer of massages, wellness wraps and baths.
BEAUTY - rich offer of enticing body and face treatments from SOTHYS Paris.

Thermal Swimming Pool Thermal Raj Liptovský Ján (Termálne kúpalisko)
: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Ján

    The wells of the spa are filled with waters from the
Rudolf spring. The water has healing attributes of rheumatic diseases, disorders of female organs, skin and locomotive organ diseases. In the area of the spa you’ll also find swimming pools, relaxation pools, pools for kids and a pool with a fountain.

Summer Thermal Bath Liptovský Ján
   The outdoor thermal swimming pool is located in the area of the SOREA Máj hotel in the beautiful scenery of the Low Tatras at the entrance to the Jánska dolina valley.
    Mineral and acidic water of temperatures ranging from 26 to 29
C in the 4 outdoor and 1 indoor swimming pools comes straight from the ‘Rudolf’ thermal spring. The water has beneficial effects on respiratory and locomotors system and skin disorders. When used regularly, the water makes the body rest in natural way, thus improving sleep. The resort also comprises beach-volleyball court, pétanque, animation programmers', a buffet and a car park. NEW: Sea bath - soft spray-like shower enabling you to inhale sea water.

Niskie Tatry - Niżne Tatry, Nizke Tatry

Tatry Zachodnie - Západné Tatry, dawniej Liptovské hole, Liptovské Tatry

Aqua-Vital Park Spa & Kúpele Lúčky
: Žilinský kraj, okres Ružomberok, Lúčky

Lúčky lying on the limits of regions Liptov and Orava is the one of oldest in Slovakia. It is popular for it provides complete therapy of gynaecological diseases, and it is the only spa in the county specialised in womens diseases
   Locals know the mineral springs since 1761.
   The decisive healing element here is the plaster-earthy carbonic
mineral water of the spa spring with the water temperature of 32°C. It contains natural carbon dioxide.

   Bath tubs, peat wrappings, steam baths and other procedures applying the local medicinal water are used often along with massages, physical or rehabilitation exercises.
   A basic overview of operators and treated indications can be obtained also after clicking on
Overview of Slovak natural spa health resorts with indications in the Related Links section.

   In the natural environment of Lučky Spa all-year AQUA - Vital Park is waiting for you. The part of it is outdoor relaxing pool with water temperature  28-33 degrees with various attractions (air seats, water counter, massage jets, air beds, water goblet, water spouts, underwater lighting). Directly with aqua park is connected outdoor seating pool with medicinal mineral water with a temperature of 36-38 degrees. There is also double indoor healing mineral pool with water temperature of 33 °C and 35 °C. For those who prefer the charm of sauna is designed vitality (sauna) world, where there are: Finnish sauna, menthol sauna, Roman bath with natural inhalation essences, Kneipp bath, relaxing room, turbo shower, shower - rain. In the Vital world are used essential oils - concentrates, mixtures of volatile substances obtained from plants. These substances release fragrances and have medicinal effects, which people like to use from very old times.

has been reconstructed and clients can enjoy healing treatments in new beautiful premises which will definitely enhance the effect of individual  procedures. Procedures can be ordered by telephone and clients can take advantage of savings with Liptov Region Card upon payment. Balneocentre has been extended with a modern Vital Café
where clients can spend quality time, enjoy a cup of coffee or cake while waiting for the procedure. Beautiful natural environment along with healing mineral water will guarantee perfect relaxation at great prices.
   In the
Dependence Liptov is opened wellness with Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, cooling pool and Jacuzzi with salt water, prepared from sea salt. You  can refresh your airways in a new dry and wet salt cave. You can also contribute to improvement of your health. Healing water in Spa Lučky treats movement disorders, gynaecological diseases, neurological diseases, oncologic diseases, digestive diseases, diseases of metabolism and endocrine glands, non-tuberculosis respiratory diseases and job illnesses. High calcium content contributes to the prevention and supportive treatment of osteoporosis.

   Has an outdoor recreational pool with water temperature 28 - 33 °C with various attractions as for example air deck chairs, countercurrent flow, water goblet, under surface lighting, massage jets and water gargoyles. Outdoor sitting pool with healing mineral water with temperature 36 - 38 °C offers relax and relief. There is also an indoor mineral pool with healing water with temperature 33 °C and 35 °C.
   Pools are directly
connected with the vital (sauna) world
, with an interior that was designed in order to attain harmony together  with modern technologies which creates condition for enjoyable relaxation and relief. Beneficial effects of saunas have been known since ever. Hot air in sauna evokes sweating and disposing of harmful substances, it opens pores, improves the congestion, and it has calming and relaxing effects. Vital world offers the following: Finnish sauna, menthol sauna, Roman bath with natural inhalation essences, Kneipp bath, tepidarium, turbo shower and shower - rain.
   Vital world is special by use of essential oils the effects of which, in connection with inhalation and sauna detoxify the organism, reinforce body’s natural defense, effectively protect from diseases caused by cold. These essential oils relieve tension and

Krywań 2494 m, Kriváň

Aquapark Thermal - Meander Park Oravice
: Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, Vitanová

    The modern thermal park is built in the wonderful surrounding of
Orava, close to the border with Poland. The highly mineralized thermal water, which springs in the depth of more than 1 kilometer, works curing/healing on psychic and stress and is used/utilised in balneotherapy.

Attractions and relaxation
   At the Meander aqua park we offer a range of attractions for both you and your children. We also have something for those who seek rest and relaxation rather than an adrenalin rush.

    Don’t know where to go first sometimes? That can happen at our aqua park too. All of our swimming-pools have one thing in common - you won’t be cold in them. The water temperature’s 28-28° C in all weathers and at all times of the year.

Indoor relaxation pool
   The temperature of the spacious indoor relaxation is 38° C and it is entered via two broad staircases or through a barrier-free entrance. Underwater seats are fitted round the edge of the pool. The pool includes one of the water spouts and an underwater spring in the middle.

Geothermal waters
   The geothermal spring in Oravice extends 1611 m below  ground. Water temperature is 58° C, and has to be cooled to 28-38° C for the needs of the aqua park.
   The waters are rich in minerals and elements with proven beneficial effects on the body. The waters contain manganese, calcium, magnesium, lithium, iron, sulphates and hydrogen carbonates.

WATER WORLD - is one of the most popular attractions in Slovakia and Central Europe: Artificial waves with thermal water.
Sport & relaxation
pools with thermal water combine sports activities with relaxation. The first part of the pool is reserved for sportspersons who want to swim, and the second part for water jets for relaxation. The sport & relaxation pool has a range of attractions, such as massage benches, massage jets and a large mushroom water feature. The swimming part of the sports pool measures 25 m.
    A pool with artificial waves, which will enliven your stay at Aqua park, is the most attractive part of the sport & relaxation pools. Artificial waves, which create an atmosphere of sea waves, are generated in the wave pool. Swimming in this kind of pool is more challenging than swimming in a standard swimming pool. That’s why it’s such an interesting and enjoyable experience. Experience huge waves in the AQUAPARK ORAVICE sports pool.
   Visitors can enjoy a nice swim in the 25-metre swimming pool, which will satisfy even more demanding swimmers. In addition to the swimming part, there is also a wide range of water attractions in the swimming pool, such as hydro massage jets, air massage benches, mushroom water feature, hedgehog water feature, and waterfall. The pool is a popular place that combines relaxation with sport. In winter, this pool is full of geothermal water up to 38 °C, which creates a unique experience.

Relaxation Pools
Water temperature of 34 - 36 °C
   You can find many water attractions in the relaxation pools,  such as artificial waves, massage benches, massage jets, etc. Some outdoor and indoor relaxation pools in our Aqua park are interconnected, so you can enjoy relaxation in thermal water in all weathers. You can use massage jets, underwater beds, and benches in these pools.
   Thanks to water jets, where the flow of thermal water combines with air, you can enjoy hydro massage, which improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and reduces stress.
   Try the most popular attraction in Slovakia and Central Europe:
Artificial waves with thermal water, which can enliven your stay at Aqua park. Artificial waves, which create an atmosphere of sea waves, are generated in the wave pool. Swimming in this kind of pool is more challenging than swimming in a standard swimming pool. That’s why it’s such an interesting and enjoyable experience.

   We recommend you try our Finnish sauna to regenerate and relax your body. Treat yourself to a revitalizing bath in the hot and dry air of our Finnish sauna. Temperature of 60 - 90 °C, low humidity.
   Sauna bathing brings mental and physical relaxation and strength regeneration. It improves blood circulation and heart function and revitalizes skin.
   It has primarily a preventive effect. Regular sauna bathing creates resistance to viral infections of the respiratory tract. The hot air in the Finnish sauna induces perspiration and the excretion of harmful substances, opens skin pores, increases blood flow to skin, improves its flexibility and appearance.
   Spa belongs to the oldest spa in Slovakia. It is situated 14 km from the town of Ružomberok. On the boundary line of  Orava and Liptov regions, in beautiful environment of Chočské vrchy hills you will find quiet, family environment, qualified and pleasant personnel and healing water suitable for treatment of women’s diseases, locomotive organs diseases, nerve diseases, and occupational diseases. Providing quality services brought the spa to consciousness of lots of clients who tried its offer and keep coming back with pleasure as the spa is guided by the slogan: “A satisfied client is the best form of advertising”.

Wielki Rozsutec 1610 m, Veľký Rozsutec - Welki Rozsutiec

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... widok ze Starej Lubovny na Tatry - (photo zakapior)

Trenčiansky hrad - photo Frantisek













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