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The Wooden Architecture route in Tarnów
By Pogranicze Media
Published: 20.06.2010

*The Church of the Holy Trinity
 - known as “on Terlikówka”
, dates from 1563-89. It was built in the gothic wood building tradition, with a baroque spire added in 1837. It is made more picturesque by the shingled covering of the walls and the two-ridge roof. The flat internal ceilings inside are covered by C20th polychrome decoration. The early-baroque main altar from the first half of the C17th contains a precious painting with a rare representation of the Holy Trinity in the Pietas Domini style. The side altars date from the end of the C16th and contain renaissance paintings also from the end of the C16th: The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and The Crucifixion, with the figures of the painting’s patrons kneeling at the foot of the cross.

*The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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