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“Find something you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life” - a few words about franchising.
By J. Rymarowicz
Published: 24.01.2012

Justyna Rymarowicz

   A franchise is a system of the sale of goods and services which is based on the close cooperation between two separate and independent enterprises – the franchisor and the franchisee. The conduct of business in this form is beneficial for both parties. The franchisor is developing the network of offices with its logo on the unrestricted area, without suffering the financial and investment risk. The franchisee has the possibility of a simpler market penetration with a recognizable trademark, and creating chances of winning clients and having access to good quality materials.


The advertising via the Internet.
By editor
Published: 30.01.2010

   Nowadays, when the technological progress is impressively fast the virtual advertisements seem to be something natural and indispensable more and more people prefer to use the Internet, in order to find  information, communication, entertainment and even pay the bills. The fact, that you are reading this article means that you are one of those people - people who know that the Net gives a lot of new opportunities. We would like to  greatly encourage you to cooperate with our new Portal. If you want to get some further information, please check our price list on the following link: Business.
Bohdan Zhukiewicz
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The new shop center in Rzeszów
By admin
Published: 30.01.2008

   As most of us have probably noticed Rzeszów is growing rapidly. Lots of new supermarkets, exclusive shops and restaurants  have appeared in almost every part of the city. Maybe that’s why, the information that the next new shop center is built wasn’t surprising news for Rzeszów’s inhabitants. The new mall Nowy Świat is located on the corner of  Karkowska Street and Ofiar Katynia Street. The shop center’s contractor says that the building will be ready by 2008. The mall is planed to have four stores on which over 85 different kind of shops, boutiques, banks, florist’s, restaurants and cafés will be located. The second floor will be completely devoted to  children’s needs. Also, the mall will have its own sport center.
   What is more, to avoid the hard traffic the WOMAK company (the mall’s contractor) will bankroll the construction of underground tunnel which will link Krakowska Street with Ofiar Katynia and Kotuli Street.
tłumaczenie JB